Physical Security

Physical security has multiple layers of interdependent systems that can include CCTV surveillance, protective barriers, locks, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, fire protection, and other systems.


Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR):

Nowadays, reality technologies become a part of the innovative technologies that provided by the ICT sector in this era and a promising in the future. These technologies are based on the projection of the bodies and information in both types virtual or real into specific environment. In VR, the projection of real bodies and information is into virtual environment. Contrary, the projection in AR is for virtual bodies and information into real environment. Finally, the MR is a mixed of VR and AR. Our company provides different reality solutions for various industries such as: Healthcare, Training and Education, Transportation and Logistics, factories, Oil and Gas, and others. Such solutions enable industries to increase production, reduce cost, and improve quality, increase sales and more other benefits.


Internet of Things (IoT):

With the developments in ICT, the world witnesses today. It has been possible for things surrounding us to connect together and exchange data over the internet in wired or wireless way without human intervention providing an innovative technology (IoT) that serves different verticals with many benefits. This refers to the developments in embedded systems, software, sensors, data speed, and mobile communications technologies (5G and 6G). Everything in home, farm, factory, hospital, building, and city can be connected and the exchanged data can be smartly used to satisfy smart assets management, cost reduction, security and safety improvement, decision making improvement, and adding welfare in the way we control things around us. Our company provides complete IoT solutions for different applications to insure we live in smart environment. This includes, hardware, software, system configuration, and data collection, storing and analyzing.



Today, with the noticed expansion of high speed data infrastructures, high demand for quick and top quality services, and with the presence of competitors, it becomes necessary, for public and private organizations, to be more efficient and response in their work flows. Digital Transformation becomes one of the main objectives of leaders and owners to insure their organizations keeping pace with excellence and developments in this era. The full or partial automation of operation, processes, functions, and tasks, by employing technology to proceed instead of human, satisfies big part of digital transformation (%63). Additionally, the employment of AI and ML to automation allows dealing with UI, exactly, as human for performing complete and complicated process and in cases that required communication with other applications. This is called Robotics Process Automation (RPA). We are capable to provide you with full automation solution for your organization ( manufacturing, technology, financial, human resources, healthcare, education, logistics,….) that would enable to satisfy : accelerated digital transformation, high level of accuracy and quality, increased productivity, high response for market, more engaged employments.


Artificial Intelligent (AI)

AI can be defined, simply, as the simulation of the human brain by a specific devices and systems. This would allow such devices and systems to perform complicated tasks that require logical thinking, learning, problems solving, collecting and analyzing big data for future predictions. It becomes possible for governments and companies handling the repetitive tasks and that related to analyzing big data and making actions based on by using AI. Nowadays, AI adds many advantages to the businesses. Cost reduction and profit margin increasing, customers experiences improvements, and increasing in works performing’s speed and efficiencies. The world witnesses, today, competition in developing and using AI and its applications such Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) in many fields such as: education, healthcare, transportation, security, finance, law, manufacturing, and energy efficiency. Our company is ready to support your businesses by providing you the best AI solutions that would result in improving efficiency and speed of your works, minimizing operation cost and increasing profit margin.


Data Science:

The new ICT technologies contributed to make the public and private sectors own huge stored digital data. Such data can be classified as invaluable digital raw resource, when is being managed and analyzed in a proper way, that enables such sectors to produce better products in an innovative work model. The prediction of possible happening risks and exploiting the expected opportunities are advantages of using data science. It can be said that Data Science is a part of AI and it depends on statistical and scientific methodologies to analyze data and conclude the visions. Our company provides various solutions and services for different sectors (healthcare, education, e-commerce, retail, transportation, logistics services…).